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Case Studies

Golden Key Award Recipient

Cole Vision

Cole Vision is a premier manufacturer of eye wear in the optical industry. They strive to create a stable, motivated workforce in which respect and fairness values are upheld. They create growth in learning and advancement to all employees.

At the time of their nomination for the award, they had an associate in management with excellent sign language skills. As a result the associate was able to communicate with the deaf applicants in the pre-employment testing and interview phase. In addition, the human resource department actively pursues community agencies and resources that work with people with disabilities. At that time they had 12 employees who were deaf. A TTD was purchased so employees were able to call in via the TTD and talk directly to a supervisor. They could also use this device to make outgoing calls when needed. Sign language training materials were purchased, including sign language videos and books. These materials are kept in the break room and can be signed out so employees can practice and begin to learn basic sign language. Sign language books were offered to employees free of charge to keep.

The company encourages and has a great deal of interaction between employees who are deaf and their hearing coworkers. Employees who are deaf are utilized to assist in the training of new hires who are deaf. Job coaches with signing skills are utilized to train new employees and current employees when new information and learning is necessary. Employees who are deaf are given a choice of electing to have a certified interpreter or the HR manager, who signs, when performance evaluations and disciplinary actions are taken. When meetings are held, employees who are deaf are given a copy of the meeting minutes and information before the start of the meeting. Cole Vision management has made sure that at all company events where employees who are deaf are involved there is someone available who can sign. Communicating with employees who are deaf has become part of the company’s culture as evidenced by hearing employees always asking how to sign phrases.