Do I Need a Prescription to Use CBD in Utah?

When it comes to using Cannabidiol Oil, it is essential to be aware of all the state regulations regarding its use and possession. Utah is one of the states that allow medical use and distribution of Cannabidiol Oil and CBD-based products.

CBD products are available in the State of Utah even without a medical prescription as long as it is within the THC level limit, and have been sourced from raw materials farmed by legitimate agricultural producers.

There, however, are specific regulations when it comes to usage, and Utah Citizens should be aware of this for their peace of mind.

Is a Prescription Needed for CBD Use?

CBD oil use in Utah is generally allowed as long as it satisfies federal regulations regarding its THC content and method of production. Only CBD Oil Extracts and Cannabidiol Oil products that have less than .3% of Cannabidiol can be made available to the market and can be consumed and possessed by Utah Citizens.

Moreover, these Cannabidiol Oil products have to be extracted from pure Hemp plants. Licensed agricultural producers should, in turn, propagate the Hemp plants mentioned above. CBD-based products meanwhile have to be licensed as well. A permit to sell these products can be obtained by submitting a product sample in a Utah state laboratory, which will, in turn, assess the samples. The products should not contain more than .3% of THC for it to be approved for distribution.

The easiest way to procure CBD Oil and Cannabidiol-based products in Utah is through a Medical Marijuana Card. The Utah State Health Department provides Medical Marijuana cards to individuals who are afflicted with illnesses that can be cured by Marijuana or Cannabis. When a person has a medical marijuana card, he can buy and possess any CBD Oil and CBD-based products regardless of the THC levels contained on the substance. Usually, though, medical marijuana cardholders buy their CBD Oil through the Marijuana Dispensaries set up in different parts of the state.

What is THC?

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the active substance in Cannabis or Marijuana that alters a person’s consciousness. It affects the consciousness of the users, such that they feel intoxicated, high, or stoned. THC is basically what makes Marijuana a schedule 1 drug of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.

Cannabidiol extracted from hemp should not contain any trace of THC. If in case there are THC traces, these should not go more than .3% of its total weight. CBD Oil, in general, is extracted from parts of the plant that does not contain THC.

Where to Buy Cannabidiol Oil in Utah

CBD Oil and CBD-based products are available in Marijuana Dispensaries across the whole state. These dispensaries, though, are only allowed for patients who have a Medical Marijuana Card.

Those who do not possess a Medical Marijuana Card can still avail of CBD Oil extracts and Cannabidiol based products provided that these are within the legal .3 percent limit for CBD products. The products need to be from legitimate producers who have sourced their Cannabidiol Oil base ingredient from a consistent agricultural grower.

There are both online and physical retailer stores of Cannabidiol Oil products within the State of Utah. These sites sell different types of state-sanctioned CBD oil and CBD based products. For a CBD Product to be considered as state-sanctioned, it should not contain more than .3 percent THC, and its raw materials should have emanated from legitimate agricultural hemp producers. Moreover, the product samples should have been evaluated by a state laboratory that measures and confirms THC content and purity of the CBD oil product. Without these, the product will be considered a banned substance.

Types of CBD Products that are available in Utah

1. CBD Capsules and Tablets. This is the most straightforward form of Cannabidiol Oil Product to consume, especially for patients with terminal illnesses. These capsules and tablets are available in dispensaries, alternative health clinics, and licensed CBD Product retailers.

2. CBD Tinctures. Cannabidiol Oil Tinctures are the fastest-acting Cannabidiol Oil product. It takes effect in less than 10 minutes as the nerve endings absorb it at the back of the tongue. It is commonly consumed sublingually and held under the tongue for 90 seconds before ingestion. This type of CBD product is usually sought after by chronic pain patients.

3. CBD Vapors. Cannabidiol Oil Vape concentrates are helpful, especially for psychiatric conditions, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also beneficial for patients with sleep-related illnesses such as insomnia.

4. CBD Topical Ointments. Since Cannabidiol Oil is anti-inflammatory and rich in anti-oxidants, it is found to be helpful for several skin conditions. Some of the dermatological illnesses it can help cure include Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis.

5. Cannabidiol Oil Edibles. There are food items and chewable supplements that contain Cannabidiol. These forms of Cannabidiol are perfect for those who may want to mask the real taste of CBD Oil products, which is generally bitter. Examples of CBD oil edibles include gummy CBD supplements, candy chewable, CBD-infused chocolate candies and bars, Smoothies and shakes that contain Cannabidiol Oil extracts, Pastry and dessert products, as well as other food items.

Pain patients, and other terminally ill individuals have indeed benefitted substantially for the legitimization of Cannabidiol Oil use in the State of Utah. With such a regulation, patients have the option of exploring alternative medications like Cannabidiol Oil in dealing with their illnesses every day.