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Medicaid Work Incentive (MWI)

The Medicaid Work Incentive was designed for working people with disabilities who do not qualify for a "free" Medicaid services because their income and/or assets are too high.  The MWI allows a higher income and asset limit and gives you the option to pay a premium for a Medicaid services.  The MWI is not the same as the Medicaid Spenddown because you will pay a premium.

The purpose of this Program is to encourage people with disabilities to return to work or make more money.

To Qualify

  • Have a disability.  You must have a determination of a disability by Social Security or by the Utah Department of Health Medical Review Board.
  • Be employed. 
  • Have assets less than $15,000.  The following are not counted as assets:  The home you live in, savings of your children, retirement funds and one vehicle.
  • Have a household Countable Income of less than 250% of the poverty level. 

If you qualify you may pay a monthly premium for your Medicaid.  The premium is the amount of money you pay to purchase your Medicaid Card to receive Health Care Services. The Premium is calculated based on 5%, 10%, or 15% of your (the person with a disability) net Countable Income.  The premium must be paid for each month that you want to receive medical coverage under the MWI.

What are the Benefits to You?

  • You receive the same health care coverage as the other Medicaid programs.
  • You can earn more money without the risk of losing health care coverage.
  • You can save for big purchases, education and retirement.

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