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Aptitudes—Skills, Abilities and Talents

Everyone has different skills and abilities, these are called aptitudes. Some aptitudes you use every day, such as: learning a new video game, fixing the lawnmower, arranging your room, and wrapping up a job. Other aptitudes you use when you need them, such as, interviewing for a job, paying bills, and doing laundry.

Many of these aptitudes are used all through your life. Going on to develop and improve your skills will help you with learning, working, independent living and leisure. Your skills, abilities and talents are what make you unique.

Understanding your aptitudes can help you:

  • Understand your strengths and challenges;
  • Select school subjects and courses of study; and
  • Match your skills and traits with specific jobs.

An assessment can help you to identify your aptitude. To take an aptitude test:

  • Contact your high school or vocational rehabilitation counselor.
  • Contact the Department of Workforce Services.
  • Complete a self-assessment at Utah Mentor to help you find a career that matches your abilities and personality.